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June 28, 2018

Alaskan Bush People stars Ami, and Billy Brown has been through a lot, and it turns out that they can’t ever actually return to Alaska, this can’t be easy on them considering how much they enjoyed living there.

It turns out that Billy and Ami Brown can’t return to Alaska at all. They left their home state in 2017. The big move happened around the time that it came out that Ami Brown, his wife has cancer.

The Brown family are the leading cast members of the Alaskan Bush People series which premiered on Discovery Channel on 6 May 2014. Besides he is an avid hunter and enjoys spending time side by side with wildlife. Alaskan Billy Brown has married twice and had nine children.

Billy Brown
Billy Brown

Bio, Wiki, and Age

Billy Brown Aka. Billy Bryan Brown was born to Billy Joe Brown and his wife, Kathryn Brown in Fort Worth, Texas on 3rd December 1953. He grew up with his sister, Kathy Jean Brown.

He was born into a wealthy family. His father was a businessman and got expensive birthdays presents such as cars, boats, etc. from his parents.

Everything was going so well, but unfortunately, he lost his parents and sister when Billy was just 16 years old. His parents and sister were traveling by private plane across Texas. The aircraft crashed due to a thunderstorm which caused the whole family died on 2nd March 1969.

After the tragedy, more problem entered in his life. He signed the document for an emancipation and loss everything.

Billy Brown Married life

Billy brown married twice in his life. After the death of his family he entirely became alone, and the same year, on 23rd October he married to Brenda in Texas. Billy and Brenda lived together for five years. The couple ended their married life and got divorced.

Billy and Brenda shared two children.

Billy Brown and Ami Brown
Billy Brown and Ami Brown

He hadn’t involved with any lady for several years. Ten years later Billy met his second wife, Ami Brown. The couple fell in love at first sight. Bill also wrote in his book,

“ she was a beautiful young lady that I had ever met in his life.”

After dating each other for a short period, the duo tied the knot in 1979, June 16. At the time, Billy was 26 and Ami was just 15 years old.

Then the couple headed towards Alaska with two kids and Billy worked as labor around the towns. Eighteen months later, he and his wife decided to live in the Bush. In 1994, Billy built a home in Haines but the house burnt.

Billy Brown Children

Brown and Ami have seven children, five sons, and two daughters. Ami gave his first son Matt Brown and second son Bam Bam Brown before moving to Alaska. After they resided in Alaska, the couple had five more children; Bear, Gabe, Noah, Birdy, and Rain Brown.

Brown Family
Brown Family

However, Billy has two children from his previous relationship, and now he isn’t in touch with them after divorce with his first wife.

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The Brown family appeared in a reality documentary series, “Alaskan Bush People” which first appeared on 6 May 2014 and the series continued to season 7 and end the series in August 23rd, 2017. However, the reality show isn’t over yet. Discovery Channel announced that the season 8 of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ premieres on 24 August 2018.

Billy Brown came to spotlight after he appeared in the reality TV show “Alaskan Bush People” and gained lots of popularity. Not only him but also the whole family were the cast member of the reality series. During the show, Brown talked about his past life.

Bill Brown Wife, Ami Brown Battling With Lung Cancer

Life doesn’t seem more comfortable with Billy, and his problem never stop. Back in 2017, Billy revealed that his wife, Ami Brown was battling lung cancer with grueling radiation and chemotherapy.

Ami was at the hospital most of the time in Los Angeles. The doctor told Billy that she has less chance of survival. The year was a tough year for all Brown family.

By December 21, Ami received results from her latest scans, and she had a feeling that she was going to walk out of the room happily. People reported Ami Brown had beaten against cancer.

The mother of seven said to People,

“I was expecting great news, and I could just feel it.”

Now Ami Brown is alive and leaving healthy life with her family in Alaska.

Legal Issues and Problems

The 63 years old Billy Brown, and his second oldest son, Joshua “Bam Bam”, 32, were sentenced to jail for 30 days for a plea deal relating to lying and stealing case.

According to Alaskan Dispatch News, the father and son each pleaded guilty to one criminal count of second-degree misrepresentation in court for last night on government forms about three Alaskan residencies.

The duo father and son had to pay a fee in the kind of money. Instead of jail, Billy and Josh wore the ankle monitor for 30 days and served 40 hours of community service.

Is Billy OK?

Star Billy Brown Was Hospitalized After a Health Scare! Son Bear says he’s “been in really bad shape this past week”. He  posted on Instagram he was “with Dad at the hospital,”

After reports claimed Billy was in the hospital, Discovery told Radar Online exclusively that the 65 years old star, “is suffering from an upper respiratory infection.”

Fortunately, Bill is “at home right now in Washington taking care of it”. According to a source close to the Brown family, Billy “has been coughing a lot lately, and needed time to heal. But everyone is hopeful that he will be okay.”

Net Worth

The reality star estimated net worth is $5 million.

He made most of the money from the show ‘Alaskan Bush People.’ The season 8 will premiere on Discovery Channel on 24 August and increased his net worth from the upcoming season.

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