Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler, born in 1948, is the historic frontman of Aerosmith, and was ranked 99th in Rolling Stone's ranking of the 100 best singers of all time.
Steven has Italian, German, Russian and Cherokee ancestry. Towards the end of the 19th century, his grandfather, Giovanni Tallarico, moved to the United States from Italy. In July 2013 he visited Cotronei for the first time, his grandfather's town, in Calabria (Southern Italy), meeting his relatives on his paternal side and on the same trip he went to the Sassi of Matera and was particularly impressed.

Steven's first daughter is Liv Tyler, an actress known to the general public for several films such as I Dance Myself, Armageddon or the Lord of the Rings trilogy. She also appeared in the historic Aerosmith Crazy video and, together with Ben Affleck, in that of I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing. Liv's mother is Bebe Buell, a famous model of the seventies with whom Steven had a brief relationship shortly before marrying Cyrinda Foxe in 1979, Steven's first real official wife. From his marriage to Cyrinda, Mia was born, currently a famous plus-size model in the United States.