Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, born 1966, is a British chef, television personality, entrepreneur and restaurateur.

He has hosted cooking television shows such as the food reality show Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, the MasterChef talent show, Gordon Ramsay's F Word, Gordon Ramsay: Hell of a Chef, Gordon Ramsay, Cooking with Ramsay, Nightmare Hotel and Behind Bars. During his career as a restaurateur he was awarded 17 Michelin stars. He is also the author of various books dedicated to food and cooking.

He began to love cooking in the early eighties, while still pursuing his football career. Towards the end of the decade he found his first job as a commis in the Roxburgh House Hotel, in Roxburghshire. Later, he moved to London to work under the orders of Marco Pierre White. When he moves to Paris, he gets a job in the restaurant of Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon. In 1993 he opened his first restaurant in the Chelsea district of London, for which he obtained the prestigious recognition of three Michelin stars. In May 2003 he opened the Boxwood Cafè at The Berkeley in Knightsbridge.

His quick-tempered, aggressive and stiff demeanor, and the frequency with which he uses foul language have been subject to criticism. The food critic A.A. Gill, after being kicked out of one of his restaurants, called him an excellent cook, but a disappointment as a man.

Since 1996 he has been married to Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson, known as Tana Ramsay, with whom he had five children: Megan, the twins Jack and Holly, Matilda and Oscar James. The wife, with the collaboration of her husband, has published several cookbooks. Ramsay and his family reside in Battersea, a district of London south of the Thames.