Kate Moss

Katherine Kate Moss, born in 1974, is a British supermodel and fashion designer, who has appeared on the covers of over 300 magazines. In addition to being a model, Kate Moss is also universally recognized as a fashion icon. Her style has earned her numerous accolades, including the Council of Fashion Designers of America's list of best-dressed women in the world.

On September 15, 2005, the British magazine Daily Mirror published on the front page, and in an extensive service, some photographs depicting Kate Moss, together with her partner Pete Doherty, in the act of consuming cocaine. The article also reported that the model snorted five lines of cocaine in just 40 minutes.

The photographs were said to have been sold to the magazine by James Mullord, Doherty's former manager, for more than $150,000. In the immediate aftermath of the scandal, most of Kate Moss' contracts were cancelled, starting with Stella McCartney's for 4 million a year. The same position is taken by Chanel and Burberry. Kate Moss is forced to publicly apologize at a press conference, admitting her responsibilities.

Instead, her colleagues Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen, actress Catherine Deneuve, ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp, and stylist Alexander McQueen line up in her defense, and while Christian Dior continues to make her appear as his testimonial, W magazine dedicates her the cover of November 2005. In the same month the relationship with Doherty foundered, and after being investigated for use of drugs on June 16, 2006 Kate Moss was cleared of all charges.

According to Forbes magazine, Moss tripled her earnings after the scandal, and financial revenues for 2005–2006 amounted to more than $8 million, making her the highest-paid model in the world, behind only Gisele Bündchen.