Bugatti is a French car manufacturer, mainly known for its sports cars as well as pre-war racing cars.

Founded in 1909 by the Italian emigrant Ettore Bugatti, it initially ceased its activities in 1963. In 1987 the rights to the brand were purchased by Romano Artioli, who resumed its production by establishing the Italian company Bugatti Automobili, which in turn ceased in 1995 every activity.

In 1998 Bugatti became a brand of the German group Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, which organized an ad hoc holding company called Bugatti Automobiles.ù

In 2021 the company becomes part of Bugatti Rimac, a joint venture between the Croatian Rimac Automobili and Porsche, a Volkswagen group brand.

The Bugatti Rimac company was formed in July 2021: a joint venture between Porsche, a Volkswagen group brand, and Rimac Automobili, a Croatian company founded by Mate Rimac and specialized in high-performance electric cars.

The new joint venture, based in Zagreb, sees Rimac as the majority shareholder (55%), effectively assuming control of the Bugatti brand, while Porsche retains only a minority financial stake (45%).