Prince William

His Royal Highness, Prince William of Wales, is a prince of the British Royal Family, eldest son of Her Majesty King Charles III of the United Kingdom and the late Princess of Wales Diana Spencer.

Since 8 September 2022 he has been first in line to the throne of the United Kingdom. He has been married since 29 April 2011 to Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales Catherine Middleton, with whom he had three children: George, Charlotte and Louis.

He has a younger brother, Henry, two years younger. Princess Diana's wish was for her two children to have as normal a life as possible; this led William, from a young age, to visit the Walt Disney World Resort and McDonald's fast food restaurants and to often play video games, like a normal teenager of the population.

William's youth was marked by two negative family events: the divorce of his mother Diana from her father, Her Majesty Charles III, and the premature death of her mother in a car accident in 1997 in Paris.

In 2001 William met Catherine Middleton, known as Kate, his colleague at St Andrew's University. The relationship between the two lasts almost eight years. William gave Catherine, as an engagement ring, the same jewel that was given by her father Charles to her mother Diana in 1981. The official engagement was announced on 16 November 2010 by the British royal house. They married on 29 April 2011 and on the same day William received the title of Duke of Cambridge from Queen Elizabeth II.

Following the death of his paternal grandmother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on 8 September 2022, his father Charles ascends to the throne as Charles III of the United Kingdom and William becomes heir to the throne of the United Kingdom. The following day, in a message to the nation, the new king named his son William Prince of Wales.

On 27 September 2022, William and Catherine visited Anglesey and Swansea, traveling to Wales for the first time since becoming Prince and Princess of Wales.