Novak Djokovic

Novak Dokovic was born on May 22, 1987 in Belgrade, then part of Yugoslavia. His parents are Srdjan Dokovic and Dijana Zagar. He has two younger brothers, also tennis players: Marko Djokovic, who became 581st in the world, and Djordje Djokovic, who became 1463rd in the world. Nole begins to fall in love with tennis at the age of six when he sees tennis courts being built in front of his parents' pizzeria in the ski resort of Kopaonik. After the construction of the courts, he comes to Kopaonik as coach Jelena Gencic, a former professional tennis player and discoverer of the talent of Monica Seles.

Novak often positions himself in front of the court fence and watches the training sessions. After some training, Gencic realizes that he is a child prodigy and convinces his parents that he will become a great tennis player and to support his talent. She will be his coach in the first 5 years and contribute to the training of the Serbian champion, who will later gratefully declare that he learned a lot from her. It is her who convinces him to hit a two-handed backhand, and Djokovic gives up his idol Pete Sampras' one-handed backhand.

Even during the bombing of Belgrade by NATO during the war in Yugoslavia, Novak does not give up and continues his training. In July 2010 he then discovered that he was gluten intolerant. The person who makes him discover gluten intolerance. Novak is fluent in Serbian, English, French, German and Italian, as well as having basic skills in Spanish and Arabic.