Porsche is a German car manufacturer based in the Zuffenhausen district of the city of Stuttgart. Since 2012, the share capital has been entirely owned by Volkswagen. Since 29 September 2022 it has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In 1963 Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, known as Butzi, Ferry's son, created the 911, a sports car with a boxer engine but, unlike the previous 356, with six cylinders and still air-cooled, which took part in many rallies, winning, among other things, that of Monte Carlo twice. The origins of the model, however, date back to the second half of the 1950s, from the moment the decision was made to replace the 356, a model which was now feeling the weight of the years despite sales continuing at a good rate.

It is the brand club of Stuttgart leapfrog enthusiasts, which brings together thousands of people (owners and non-owners) in numerous countries around the world, divided according to local clubs that carry out social activities such as rallies.