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Loni Willison

Loni Willison told the Daily Mail that from a former model she has now become homeless. Willison, 40, is the ex-wife of Jeremy Jackson, star of Baywatch and several comedies.

Last Wednesday, August 30, the former supermodel was seen wandering around with a cart through the streets of Los Angeles, with bruises on her hands. The last interview given by Willison dates back to last May on X17 Online: "Why did I end up like this? Because of my ex-husband. For getting married. She organized everything to do this to me."

In 2016 he revealed to the Daily Mail that he had gone through depression. "I have everything I need, no one cares about me. No one wants to see me and I don't want to see them," she told the Sun in 2021. According to the tabloid, the former model uses methamphetamines.

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