Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is an American actor, singer, television personality and producer. He became known for his performance in the 2004 biopic Ray, for which he won the Academy Award, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild Award, Critics' Choice Award and Golden Globe for Best Actor. starred in numerous cult films, including Collateral, Jarhead, Miami Vice, The Kingdom, Django Unchained, Annie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Day Shift.

Since 2017, Foxx has served as host and executive producer of the Fox game show Beat Shazam.

Foxx subsequently embarked on a recording career, releasing five albums, collaborating with numerous artists, including Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Timberlake and Drake. Thanks to his successes he sold over 12 million copies in the United States and won the Grammy Award for best R & B performance for the song Blame It.

Jamie Foxx now seems to have definitively left behind the important health problems that have gripped him in recent months and also forced him into prolonged and controversial hospitalization, and is ready to finally return to the big screen.

The star will in fact be one of the leading faces of Not Another Church Movie, a new religious dark comedy that will be written and directed by Johnny Mack. The Oscar-winning actor will in fact play none other than God himself, and will be joined by Mickey Rourke in the role of the Devil for a tandem that promises sparks and laughter.