Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city in the United States of America, the county seat of Clark County and the largest city in the state of Nevada. It is famous for being the capital of entertainment, shopping and gambling, in rivalry with the comparable city of Reno. What is commonly called Las Vegas is in fact a collection of different administrative units: the city of Las Vegas proper called, the city of North Las Vegas, the city of Henderson and that of Paradise, a vast unincorporated area, which includes the famous Strip, home to shops, hotels and casinos.

The metropolitan area of Las Vegas which includes all of Clark County is the one with the strongest population growth in the United States: in fact, according to 2005 estimates, it was inhabited by about 1,950,000 people. It is located approximately 270.5 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Legalized gambling, the availability of alcohol around the clock, and a variety of adult entertainment options have earned Las Vegas the nickname Sin City, but the local government and the tourism by far prefer The Entertainment Capital of the World.

Together with the economy, the image of the city is also growing strongly: evidence of this is the fact that in recent years it has frequently been chosen as the setting for television series and films.