Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodríguez, born in 1994, is a Spanish influencer and model, partner of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Rodriguez was the star of a 2022 Netflix documentary of the same name, I Am Georgina, in which she was credited as a producer. The second season was released in 2023.

Rodríguez has been in a relationship with Portuguese professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo since 2016, after meeting him at a Gucci store in Madrid where she worked as a shop assistant.

Rodríguez has two children with Ronaldo and is stepmother to his other three children.

Rodríguez was born in Buenos Aires to a Spanish-Argentine father and a Spanish mother originally from Murcia. Her family, including an older sister, lived with her paternal relatives. When Rodríguez was one year old, her mother decided she wanted to return to Spain and the family moved to the northern Spanish city of Jaca in the province of Huesca.