Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry is the son of John Bennett Perry and Suzanne Marie Morrison Langford, who divorced before his first birthday; Little Matthew, born in Massachusetts, was raised by his mother in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). On the side of his paternal grandfather, Alton L. Perry (1902–2003), Matthew also has distant Portuguese origins: his ancestor, the Reverend John Perry (1558–1621), born in England, was the son of Joseph Pereira and Gertrude Condida, natives of the Azores islands.

Famous for his role in the sitcom Friends. Perry began to have alcoholism problems at the age of 24, as soon as he joined the cast of Friends, but managed to overcome this habit during the filming of the series; in this regard he declared: "I managed to suffocate the drinking habit a little because when I got that job I thought: You can't ruin this. It's the best job in the world. And the job saved my life in many ways. The actor said he weighed less than 60 kilos and took up to 55 Vicodin pills a day, even risking death due to this addiction."

Among former colleagues, Jennifer Aniston was the first to realize her addiction to alcohol: "She told me, we know you're drinking. Imagine how scary that moment was. She was the one who made herself felt the most. I am very grateful to her for this."