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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, wife of the former soccer star David, became known worldwide in the 1990s as a member of the Spice Girls, a British musical group that sold millions of records around the world, marking the collective imagination and paving the way for the success of girl bands.

After the group's activities ended in 2001, she continued her musical career as a soloist for a few years, releasing an album, Victoria Beckham, and launching several pop and dance singles, such as A Mind of Its Own, Not Such an Innocent Girl, Out of Your Mind, Let Your Head Go and This Groove. In her musical career she has sold 86.7 million records, 85 million as a member of the group, and 1.7 million as a solo artist.

Having left her musical career behind, she has started a second one in the world of fashion. The turning point was a success: in ten years Victoria Beckham has become one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in world fashion. She was named Designer Brand of the Year at the prestigious 2011 British Fashion Awards and, in 2017, received an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution to the fashion industry and for her humanitarian work with Unicef and Red Cross.

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