Kanye West

Ye, or Kanye West, is an American rapper, musician and fashion designer. His first five solo albums, all of which achieved platinum status in the US, were widely acclaimed by critics and received numerous awards. In general, all of his musical projects have met with great commercial success: nine out of ten consecutive albums have reached number one on the US album chart.

With combined sales of 140 million singles and 20 million albums worldwide, West is one of the best-selling digital artists in music history and the third-largest digital-selling artist in the 2000s. Six of the his albums were included in the updated 2020 list of the five hundred best albums ever according to Rolling Stone; the same publication consecrated him as one of the hundred best songwriters of all time. During his career he has received a total of 24 Grammy Awards against 75 nominations, resulting in being together with Jay-Z the most awarded rapper in the history of the event.

Since the early years of his career, the rapper has aroused a large media echo for his public statements on social, economic and political considerations, often described and considered out of line, and in some cases outrageous. West officially embarked on a political career as of 2020.

The artist expressed anti-Semitic and appreciative positions towards Adolf Hitler. He is against legalized abortion. The singer said he was in favor of the possession and use of weapons, provided they were legally recognised. He claims to have been a victim of heterophobia. The singer argued that AIDS was a problem of Africa and not of the entire planet. The artist also contested the search for middle ground, arguing instead the need to adopt radical extremist positions, believing that everything can be evaluated as an A+ or an F-, with no middle ground. The artist has been accused of misogyny for the content of some of his songs that would paint women as objects. The singer also argued that African-American slavery lasted about four centuries by African-American choice.