Hollywood is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, California located northeast of the city center.

It is made up of low-rise buildings and wide streets and avenues bordering the two famous avenues, Sunset Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard. Inside, it collects the large studios and the homes of the actors, directors and producers, generally located on the slopes of the nearby Beverly Hills hill.

Hollywood is the dream of hundreds of those who want to make a career on the big screen, the greatest center of film production past and present, the quintessential home of the film.

The population is estimated at 300,000. The premieres of most US films take place in its cinemas. In addition, the Oscar awards are presented to you, in the annual ceremony of the same name.

The name Hollywood would have been coined in 1886 by the Hobart entrepreneur Johnstone Whitley, defined as the father of Hollywood for the great works he built such as the Hollywood Hotel and the Bank of Hollywood. According to the diary of H.J. Whitley, the name of the area was born while he was on his honeymoon, in 1886, and was located at the top of the hill overlooking the valley.