Tomica Wright Net Worth – Know about her Career and Life

Tomica Wright bio and net worth

Tomica Wright, wife of a legend rapper Eazy-E, also known as the widow of Eric Wright is the current  CEO of the Ruthless Records  Company after the death of her husband in 1995. With a vision to grow the Ruthless Records, she took a major decision to introduce new talent. Some of them are  Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, and M.C Ren.

Tomica Wright is a popular film producer and an entrepreneur. Her net worth is estimated to be $15 million at the time her husband died. It was before 22 years so it must have grown by big difference now. Tomica earned huge amount of money through the Ruthless company. 

Tomica Wright at a event
Tomica Wright at an event

Sources of income

Her major source of income is generated from Ruthless Records Company, but currently, she is also into film production which is also her income source.

Her Cars and house

Before the death of her husband, Eazy-E had bought a home worth $1,175,000 with five bedrooms and six bathrooms on 5770 sq ft which have been inherited by her.

Tomica owns another mansion worth $3,099,000 in Calabas which she purchased in 2005 which spreads over 0.33 acres of land. The mansion is knowns as ‘Eazy’s Playhouse.’ But she has stopped making mortgage payments, as a result, it was foreclosed in 2012. She sold the mansion at $2,067,000 on November 27, 2012.

No information about her cars has been revealed.

The career of Tomica Wright

Tomica attended her high school in San Fernando Valley then moved to Santa Monica and West L.A Community College. After completing her education she was hired by TabuRecods as a secretary, founded by Clarence Avant. Tomica considers Clarence Avants as her mentor who taught her about the music industry and entrepreneurship. 

She was working for Motown Records when she found about Easy-E diagnosed with HIV/AIDs. Then she moved to ‘Ruthless Records’as a general manager. In 1995 after the death of Eazy-E, she was announced as CEO of the company. Since then she has been running the company. Later, she also jumped into film production.

Tomica wright as a film producer.
Tomica Wright as a film producer.

Tomica Wright and Eazy-E relationship

Tomica was a mother of a child even before she met Eazy-E. Eazy-E(Eric Wright) and Tomica met at a Los Angeles nightclub in 1991. After dating each other for four years, they changed their relationshi[p into husband and a wife. Within twelve days of their marriage, Eazy-E died of AIDs. She is a mother of two, a son named Dominick and a daughter named Daijah. 

Eazy-E has many hits debut albums during his career such as  “Eazy-Duz-It”We Want Eazy,  “Boyz-in-the-Hood” , “Real Muthaphuckkin G’s”  and many more. He founded Ruthless Records in 1987.

Tomica Wright with son
Tomica Wright with son

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  1. Hay Tomica hey been a long time since we seen each other last time we saw each other was at Studio catch us up there when you was up there with blue magic hey this is T-Mac I’d like to talk to you about a deal we trying to get for it Eazy Does It movie ready. The stripped all written out and everything and we need to link up with you and talk about a price that you want and you can go over the screenplay and also sign agreement what you want agreement for the movie you can reach me at 323-501-1704 you know your home your husband was my homeboy so you was my homegirl in the studio I mean we don’t good old days I missed it give me a call when you can and all the ruthless guys they said what’s up the old original crew miss you hopefully you get back at me

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