Who is comedian Daniel Tosh wife? Is he a gay?

June 16, 2018
Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh is famous American stand-up comedian, television host, voice actor, writer, and executive producer. He has made a name for himself with his controversial and offensive stand – up comedy. He is also famous for his sexuality. If you are looking for Daniel Tosh wife, his girlfriends or his homosexuality, then you are in the right place. Let’s find out interesting facts about Daniel Tosh.

Daniel Tosh
Daniel Tosh

Who is the wife of Daniel Tosh

Many fans search for Daniel Tosh wife on the web, and their search ends with no certain answers. Actually, there is not any proper information available on the web about his wife. He only tweeted twice about his wife, without any photo, and led his fans into believing that he is a married man. Firstly, he tweeted in 2014 about his marriage to the ballerina, his supposed wife, has made his life more beautiful.


This tweet immediately got many retweets, and his followers bombard him with lots of questions. However, he did not answer to any of the questions of his fans and led them doing gossips. Similarly, in August 2017, Tosh again tweeted about his wife ballerina saying this:


In a replay of this tweet, many fans requested to post a picture of Daniel Tosh wife as proof to confirm that he is truly married, but again he did not respond. In this way, we can say that he is certainly not married and a ballerina is a code name for something else. Also, the comedian is just hiding something with his fans. So, if he is not a married man, then what else.

Is Daniel Tosh a gay

Some of his fans were also curious about his sexuality because of the homoerotic acts that he has performed on his show. They also were asking, “Is Daniel Tosh gay?” And why don’t, after all, we don’t know about Daniel Tosh wife yet.

Moreover, Tosh is single and support for LGBTQ rights that force many of his fans to think that he must be a gay man. However, Tosh himself has never confirmed or denied the rumors, and nobody has his sex-tape that proves his homosexuality. As for now, we cannot say Daniel Tosh is gay.

If he is neither a married man nor a gay, then who is his girlfriend

According to Just Richest, Daniel Tosh has had several girlfriends but never married any of them. That is why we don’t know about Daniel Tosh wife. His most well – known relationship was with Megan Abrigo. Megan is an American actress and bikini model who is best known for the game show – Deal or No Deal.

Daniel Tosh girlfriend
Daniel Tosh and Megan Abrigo

The couple dated for many years and were in the limelight since February 2009. They were spotted respectively on different places including at Gansevoort South hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. They had even appeared together at red carpet events on few occasions.

However, the duo was no longer seen together in public form long time, as it normally happens when celebs have broken up. Neither Tosh nor Abrigo revealed the reason for their break up. However, rumor had that Tosh’s impolite jokes about her are the reason behind their separation. At last, we can say that he is not gay, does not have a wife and even does not have any girlfriend.

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