Phoebe Adele Gates Bio, Early Life, Education, Father Bill Gates, Sibling

Phoebe Adele Gates is the youngest daughter of Bill Gates, the second richest man on the planet as per Forbes in 2018 with a net worth of $90 billion. Phoebe Adele Gates is worth 10 million dollars. Like her father, she also holds the passion for computers.

Know more about Phoebe Adele Gates.

Know Who is Bill Gates’ daughter Phoebe Adele Gates

Phoebe Adele Gates was born in Median, Washington State USA on 14 September 2002. She is the youngest daughter of former world richest and currently, the second richest person of 2018 as published by Forbes. She lives with her parents in a house worth over $120 million.

How wealthy is Phoebe Adele Gates?

As per the sources, Phoebe Adele Gates is worth $10 million as in 2018. Most of her wealth is acquired from her family. Her father, currently the second richest person in the world is said to have a net we]orth of 90 Billion Dollars.

 Phoebe Adele Gates is worth $10 million as in 2018

In 2017, Bill Gates was the richest person and the current richest person of 2018, Jeff Bezos was the third richest. In just a year, Jeff Bezos wealth has increased significantly from $71.3 billion to $112 billion.

Early Life and Education

As we have come to know that, Phoebe Adele Gates is the youngest of all three children of Gates family. It is said that her parents first met while her mother was working at Microsoft. And after marriage, she left the company and focus on raising their kids.

She has attended a couple of schools including the Professional Children’s School in New York. She has also been a student of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the American Ballet Theatre, The Julliard School learning dance, music, the arts, and writing.

Know about Phoebe Adele Gates brother/ Bill Gates son: Rory John Gates: Things you need to know about him

Currently, Phoebe Adele is studying at the private Lakeside School. The same school where her father bill Gates studied and met his future partner, the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen. Her siblings, Rory John Gates and Jennifer Katharine Gates also attended the same school where the annual cost to attend is over $33,000.

She currently resides in a house worth $120 million, with full of high tech amenities with a lot of digital display all over the house, in-house gym, a swimming pool with an underwater sound system, a reception hall, and a library as Bill Gates enjoys reading a lot of books. It has been reported that the maintenance cost of the house exceeds a million dollar a year.

Bill Gates: The CEO of Microsoft Corporation and Philanthropy

Bill Gates is a world-famous business magnate. Bill is the founder and the CEO of Microsoft Corporation, a company currently standing at the value of $753 billion and on the verge of becoming the next Trillion dollar company. Bill has also served as a chief software architect in his career.

Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest PC software companies, if not the largest earning billions of dollar for Bill every year. However, Microsoft also has its own share of controversies including a use of business tactics restricting other businesses to compete with Microsoft giving an opportunity to have a monopoly over the PC software industry. As a result, making him one of the top two richest people in the world.

To talk about Bill’s current involvement with the Microsoft Corporation, he is no more working as the chairman as he gave up the position in 2014. He is currently, more focus on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation putting all his energy and serving his wealth as a philanthropist.

Every year his foundation donates a large sum of wealth to charitable organizations and numbers of research programs. Bill Gates along with the another richest person, Warren Buffett has started a campaign called “The Giving Pledge” to motivate oneself and other billionaires to donate at least half of their wealth for philanthropic causes. They also work with Rotary International to improve health and kill diseases all over the globe like polio.

Inheritance, Passion, and Siblings

Bill Gates has a desire to donate the majority of his wealth to the charity and Phoebe Adele Gates along with her siblings are well aware of it. In fact, some of the sources have also come up with the news such as Bill Gates has an intention of inheriting only $10 million each out of billions of dollars.

Phoebe Adele Gates and her siblings full heartedly respect their father’s decision and maintain a healthy relationship with each other. Phoebe Adele similar to her father has a passion for computers since an early age. For the same reason, she has been involved in numbers of art related classes since a small age.

Phoebe Adele’s elder sister, Jennifer Katharine Gates has ventured a career in an equestrian, despite being a student of human biology at the Stanford University and has won a lot of awards. Jennifer Katharine Gates is also compared to Steve Jobs’ youngest daughter Eve Jobs who is an accomplished equestrian and Stanford student.

However, Phoebe Adele elder brother, Rory John Gates has remained silent about his educational qualification and interest, unlike his sisters.

What you think Is Phoebe Adele Gates on Social Media or Not?

When it comes to proper guidance to children and their protection, Bill Gates is quite forward. He has maintained a privacy about his children in social media, for example, Phoebe Adele is not available on the major site like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Though numbers of photos of Gates’s children can be found over the internet, all of them has been taken by media. However, her sister has made a presence on social media like Instagram.

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