Zinc and its importance for the body!

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Zinc and its importance for the body!
Zinc and its importance for the body! © Dr. Eric Berg DC / Youtube Channel

A versatile mineral: This powerful mineral plays many roles. Zinc plays a crucial role in maintaining the function of the immune system, which is one of its most well-known functions. Furthermore, it contributes to the synthesis of collagen, making it extremely important in the treatment of various skin damages, as it allows wounds to heal more quickly.

Furthermore, it reduces inflammation in the skin, so it is effective in treating acne. A zinc-rich diet is also vital for male fertility and reproduction, as zinc promotes proper maturation of male sex cells, and it also contributes to testosterone synthesis, which promotes male fertility.

Zinc is also an antioxidant and has a role in digestion, which means it helps break down large molecules into smaller ones our bodies can digest more easily. Interestingly, zinc also breaks down alcohol molecules; reach for zinc-rich foods next time you're drinking.

A lack of zinc can have a number of consequences

Due to its involvement in numerous metabolic processes, zinc deficiency can have a variety of consequences. Zinc deficiency manifests itself most prominently in our immune system.

A lack of zinc weakens immunity, results in frequent infections, and children may experience weak appetites, slower growth, and difficulties repairing wounds. The elderly, as well as children, are also particularly vulnerable due to their monotonous diets, which do not provide them with enough zinc.

What is the source of zinc?

Fish and seafood are the best sources of this mineral, followed by meat and poultry, nuts, legumes, seeds, and eggs. Zinc is widely distributed, so it should be easy to meet the daily requirement.

Diet alone will not provide adequate intake for people who have an unbalanced and monotonous diet. Elderly people and others who are sensitive to zinc should take dietary supplements to replace it. Zinc supplements should be taken with caution, however, as too much zinc can lead to serious health problems. It is important to consult a healthcare professional before taking any supplements.