Crying and benefits for our mental health

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Crying and benefits for our mental health
Crying and benefits for our mental health © Getty Images / Hulton Archive

While many view crying as a sign of weakness, it's an evolutionary behavior that results from a closer connection with grief and mourning, and is actually a sign of strength. So crying is an appropriate response to a variety of emotions, including sadness, joy, and frustration.

We list below several key benefits of crying for the human body.

Having a calming effect on the body:

As well as helping regulate one's emotions, crying helps calm one down and reduce sadness. Crying can actually calm people because it activates their parasympathetic nervous system, which controls relaxation.


People tend to gather around someone who is crying when they are crying, so crying can help those around them give the support.

A pain reliever:

Tears release oxytocin, endorphins, and can help people feel good.

They also alleviate physical and emotional pain. Consequently, crying can reduce pain and enhance well-being.

Makes you feel better:

Oxytocin and endorphins are also known to ease pain and improve mood.

Relaxation and stress relief are provided by it:

Tears containing stress hormones and chemicals are produced in response to stress.

Crying is believed to reduce these hormones in the body

There is a significant improvement in sleep when crying:

It is believed that crying can be helpful in helping babies sleep better, according to a study conducted in 2015.

Adults are the ones who need more research when it comes to this issue. As a result, if we take into account the fact that tears are calming, improve mood, relieve pain, and can calm a person down, it is likely that they will have an easier time getting to sleep if they cry.

Crying kills bacteria in the body:

Since tears are composed of a liquid called lysozyme, which kills bacteria and keeps the eyes clean, crying is a beneficial thing. Crying is probably one of the most important things for us, which helps us regulate our emotions, helps us get rid of our traumas and 'shackles'