Water and its importance for our body

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Water and its importance for our body
Water and its importance for our body © Orlando / Hulton Archive

The preservation of health and living life to the fullest require us to pay attention to several things. Exercise, nutrition, and rest are the three aspects of healthy living. Even if you eat well, if you don't sleep well and don't exercise, you will have problems.

In the same way, exercising a lot but not eating well or getting enough rest will not benefit your body. We all know how important it is to eat a healthy diet. Indirectly or directly, consuming the right amount of water is equally important.

Water has a number of positive effects on the body. We are all built from water

Why is it important?

A human body is composed of 60-70% water. Muscle tissues contain more water than fat, so the exact value depends on age and muscle-to-fat tissue ratio.

The essential component of life is water, which does not contain calories or nutrients. It is possible for humans to survive for weeks without food, but only for days without water. In order to maintain good health, one must drink or consume enough water every day since the body does not retain excess water as it does fat.

When you take in too much water, you will have to use the restroom more often, and your urine will turn colorless and transparent. You should not exaggerate the amount of water you use in this way and attempt to turn your urine pale yellow like lemonade.

Alternatively, if you don't drink enough water, the body begins to dehydrate, causing thirst as the first symptom. Urine will become dark yellow or even brown as your visits to the toilet become thinner.

Water and its effects

Drinking water with food or not hydrates you.

Insufficient water intake will cause your body to suffer, and such a condition is called dehydration. Each cell, tissue, and organ in our body is composed of water. Nearly every bodily function relies on it, including: Controlling the temperature, Nutrient and oxygen transport, There are many biochemical reactions that require it, Urine and feces serve to cleanse and detoxify the body, Lubricates the joints, Digestive function, Saliva and tears contain a lot of it, as it is the main component of these fluids, Cells are shaped and stabilized by it etc.

Additionally, water helps to flush the body of toxic substances. People with acne suffer from a lack of water in their diets. Your skin will be healthy if you drink and consume enough water.