'To be a nice boy' or to be a 'bad boy': What do women prefer?!

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'To be a nice boy' or to be a 'bad boy': What do women prefer?!
'To be a nice boy' or to be a 'bad boy': What do women prefer?! © Hulton Archive / Hulton Archive

"Nice guys die in the end." "I'm alone because I'm a nice boy." "Girls don't like nice guys. " Some men think girls prefer jerks, as shown in these comments. Would these claims be true or would they be a good excuse for not finding a girlfriend? Honestly, do women want jerks who mistreat them? "I'm single because I'm good to girls" was a Facebook post I came across the other night.

My first reaction was impulsive. The girls are to blame for leaving you alone. Don't blame yourself. You're too good for this. It's just pure hell for you. It's a shame because you should receive the girl of your dreams on a silver platter just for being good to girls." As a single person, I reacted furiously when I saw the statement that girls only like jerks.

Despite these thoughts, I didn't let them overwhelm me. As an alternative to them, I decided to analyze the concept of "nice guy" and understand what it actually means. I would like to let you know about the disease that ravages our society.

"Nice guy" disease. Women are inherently attracted to bad guys, according to this idea. There are many men who believe in this, but there are also many women who believe in it as well. There have been many statements I've heard from women like "I only like jerks" and "He's too good for me." So it's understandable that men feel defeated.

Due to women's insistence on these statements, this disease spreads uncontrollably. The thing is, they don't want to be treated badly, but they openly confess to liking jerks! There is no doubt that some women claim to like bad boys.

Basically, they love thugs like James Dean for no reason at all. Actually, there might be a reason? Bad boys are exciting and unpredictable. Taking what they want is easy for them because they are confident. It can be exciting and dangerous for women to date such guys.

Their attraction to these types of men is often based on the belief that they can change them. As a bad boy, they will retain some of their most appealing qualities, but will also develop those which attract them.

Bad Boy

Many girls find it challenging to change a bad boy.

These kinds of relationships are not only unhealthy and immature, but they also very frequently fail. Is this to say that the exact opposite of the bad boy is the nice boy? It's said he's boring and risk-averse. Easily exploitable, weak, predictable, malleable.

The concept of a nice boyfriend, it seems, does not mean the same as a nice guy. If the concept of a good boyfriend means that such a boyfriend is impersonal, without personality, then it is true they don't like it. Maybe some traits are desirable in theory, but in real life with real women, they are not desirable.

If you constantly claim to be the "nice guy" who is rejected by girls, it won't end well. The nice guy label doesn't necessarily mean you're nice or polite. The label suggests that you are impersonal and characterless. Being a nice boy usually implies that you are a person who is afraid of challenges, who does not make his own decisions and who does not have the courage to make the right moves.

If you are male, you can be both a 'nice boy' and at the same time a brave person who is ready to take risks. When you are a person who is nice, but also full of self-confidence, then you will certainly have no problem finding a girlfriend.