Internet addiction: Should it be taken seriously?

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Internet addiction: Should it be taken seriously?
Internet addiction: Should it be taken seriously?

The Internet has become such an integral part of our daily lives that it's hard to imagine life without it. Everyday life revolves around it. The Internet allows us to communicate with friends, share scripts, read books, watch movies, and even find love partners.

In today's world, it is impossible to live without the Internet. There has been a growing need for it as a result of the global pandemic. So what is the truth about internet addiction and what should we know about it? There is currently no official recognition of internet addiction as a mental disorder, but video game addiction is recognized as a mental disorder.

There has also been a recent change in the classification of Internet addiction by the World Health Organization, which paves the way to a better understanding of the disorder in the future. In view of all that the Internet can provide to us, it is understandable why we can be addicted to a wide variety of things through it.

Here are some of the possibilities that the Internet offers us, which can result in addiction for some of us: 1. Social media addiction is a serious problem today In the age of social media, scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other networks is nothing new to anyone.

In the era of social networks, we are able to get information, entertainment, and education, and the medium has become the new medium during this period. In spite of this, there is an ever-growing number of people who are using social networks excessively or compulsively.

An addiction to social networks and the Internet, in general, is a behavioral addiction, not a physical addiction like addiction to drugs or alcohol. 2. The addiction to video games is on the rise Even though video games have been around for many years, the World Health Organization has only just acknowledged that addiction to video games exists.

In the past few decades, online games have become more popular as digital devices such as computers and mobile phones have become more widely available. The compulsive playing of video games developed quickly since some games are already programmed into the computer, like Solitaire, Minecraft, or Tetris.

There are specific symptoms that indicate video game addiction, just as there are for social networks. 3. Addiction to online gambling Online gambling addiction is much more common among young people than among the elderly, and it includes gambling games and pathological betting.

Because the media promotes online games such as Poker as acceptable forms of entertainment, it is harder to resist playing them, including those with the possibility of winning or losing money. A person can also easily become addicted to online gambling since it is very easy to access online casino.

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