Obesity: How to deal with it?

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Obesity: How to deal with it?
Obesity: How to deal with it?

There is a big problem with obesity today. It doesn't matter whether you are a man, a woman, an adult or a child. Even though obesity statistics vary from country to country, they all have one thing in common: too many people are overweight.

Are you one of them? There is a serious danger to our psyche, not just an excess of 2-3 kg (which is probably not noticed by anyone except you). With the fashion industry focusing mainly on small ready-to-wear numbers and clothing cuts that do not tolerate curves, women with excess weight are put under pressure from the industry.

When I use this term, I don't mean the 90-60-90 measurements of a woman's figure, but the realistic average. There is media support for their cause, and as a result the pressure increases, and the few among us decide to get healthy.

We tend to associate fat with dresses that suddenly become too small. Leaving the long-term consequences of excess weight for another time, most of us associate fat with dresses that suddenly become too small. A muffin top that sticks out at the hips when we wear pants that fit us perfectly last year.

Inadequate diet and lack of physical activity may make it possible to buy a larger size of jeans, but your joints, spine, blood pressure, heart and blood vessels will remember for a long time the stress they were put under.

What we need to do now is stop waiting for obesity to cause us to suffer from many diseases.

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1. Every overweight individual wants to lose weight for a variety of personal reasons. This motivation is usually short-lived because it soon turns into spite: "I'm good to myself the way I am, I won't change anything because society dictates that I should." Unfortunately, most of these responses are responses to complexes set by society (I want to be thin so my boyfriend will like me more/I can wear a bikini/clothes will look better on me).

2. Realistic expectations. You started with a healthier and reduced diet and became physically active, but you don't see the results as quickly as you expected? You think to yourself: "This makes no sense, I'll never lose weight!"? One of the key factors in losing weight is facing the harsh reality.

Think about it - why do you have 15 extra kilograms? Don't give an excuse about a stressful life, polluted air or a good TV show. As a result of eating more than you consumed, you are overweight. 3. If you exercise daily and keep a healthy diet, but you're still not losing weight as you'd like, don't panic. Muscle mass is also hard to detect and can often be deceptive.