The Power Of Bedtime Stories For Better Sleep

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The Power Of Bedtime Stories For Better Sleep
The Power Of Bedtime Stories For Better Sleep

Hey there, bookworm parents! A fascinating study has revealed that the tradition of passing down beloved bedtime stories is still alive and strong. 78% of parents share the same books with their kids that were once read to them as little munchkins.

Isn't that a heartwarming way to keep literary magic alive? Hold on to your bookshelves because we have more delightful details to share with you. This research surveyed 2,000 parents with school-age kiddos ranging from 5 to 18 years old.

And the majority of these fantastic folks claim to be bedtime story superheroes, with 63% saying they "always" or "often" read to their little ones before tucking them in. Hooray for bookish bonding! However, there is a twist: the average bedtime reading frequency is four nights a week.

So, if you've ever wondered what it's like to be a part-time bedtime storyteller, now you know you're not alone. After all, even superheroes need rest, right?

Classics Never Go Out of Style: Fairy Tales And Adventures

Let's explore the enchanted realm of book choices.

When the stars twinkle, and it's story time, parents reach for an average of three books from their child's "bedtime reads" collection. It's like a mini-library at your fingertips! Talk about having literary options. As for the captivating tales that fill these bedtime moments, the classics still possess the greatest appeal.

Fairy tales and adventure books take center stage, with 38% of parents choosing these timeless favorites to whisk their little ones off to dreamland. In addition, some parents go against the traditional grain and opt for informational books (32%) or historical tales (31%).

Who says bedtime stories can't be educational and entertaining at the same time?

The Literary Buffet: Mixing Traditional And Modern Reading Formats

Did you know that reading to your child can be a snooze-inducing superpower? Well, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll for ThriftBooks, an impressive 81% of bedtime readers revealed that it helps them fall asleep too.

Talk about a win-win situation! When it comes to storytelling, most parents still prefer the good old-fashioned hard copies of books (68%). But hey, they're not against adding a sprinkle of tech wizardry to the mix, either!

About 67% of these book-loving parents are open to embracing digital editions, while 59% are fans of audiobooks. It's like a literary buffet, with something for everyone!

Going The Extra Mile: Parents' Commitment To Reading More

Hold on to your bookmarks, people, because parents are eager to be role models in reading.

83% want to set a shining example for their little bookworms. They want to show their kids that reading is not just cool; it's "coolio" (that's an extra level of cool). The only hitch is that 50% of parents feel pooped after work and find it hard to summon the energy for storytime.

Also, 49% of them claim to suffer from a severe case of "not-enough-books-at-home-itis." We need more books, stat! Despite these minor setbacks, parents are still finding time to dive into the literary wonders of books (55%) and even sneak in a bit of magazine reading (54%) every week.

And guess what else? They're willing to take their bookish devotion to the next level. The average respondent in the survey was ready to read three more books a week if it meant their child would catch the reading bug too. That's some serious dedication!

Dust Off The Old, Bring In The New: Giving Childhood Favorites A Makeover

It turns out 31% of parents believe their little ones are more likely to pay attention to a book when it's read by them instead of their partner.

It looks like Mom and Dad have some serious competition in the storytelling arena! Change is not always a bad thing. In fact, 73% of parents are ready to embrace transformation and give classic books a modern twist. Who needs dusty old tales when you can have fresh, updated ones? It's like giving your favorite childhood memories a makeover!

So, how do these imaginative parents envision revamping their beloved literary treasures? Well, around 66% of them dream of experiencing the story from a whole new perspective, as if they're diving into the mind of a different character.

Talk about a literary rollercoaster ride!

Genre Switch-up: Exploring New Frontiers In Classic Tales

Approximately 55% of these adventurous parents crave a complete genre switch-up. Picture this: Romeo and Juliet reimagined as a sci-fi epic, or Moby-Dick turned into a whimsical fairy tale.

The possibilities are endless! But here's the cherry on top: 78% of parents would gladly jump on the modernization bandwagon if it meant inspiring their children to read. They understand that sometimes a little tweak here and there can spark the flames of literary passion in their kids' hearts.

Bravo, parents! You're rocking the reading revolution! “Storytime can take on different forms, all of which can be equally effective in fostering kids’ love for reading,” said a spokesperson for ThriftBooks.

“It’s great to see parents scheduling time to read with their kids, and it’s especially important to do so in the summer months — multiple studies over the years have shown the summer break can result in a loss of academic skills, including reading”.

Early Bloomers: Kids Eager To Dive Into The World Of Reading

Want to get your kids hooked on reading? Here's a fun idea for you: why not give those classic books a new spin? It appears that parents who are open to reinterpreting those old-time favorites are onto something big!

Specifically, a whopping 37% of parents claim that their oldest book is at least two decades old. Talk about treasuring the good stuff! But do not fret, dear parents. Perhaps your worries about your child's reading habits are misplaced.

According to the latest data, 72% of parents reported that their little ones prefer burying their noses in books rather than getting lost in tablets. Who needs Candy Crush when you can get lost in a captivating story, right? Additionally, 59% of parents claimed that their children were raring to take off, eagerly diving into the world of reading all by themselves as early as the ripe age of four!

“Summer is a great time to take your favorite books outdoors. Making a trip to your local library together and exploring its summer reading programs and book lists can keep kids’ minds stimulated with stories before they head back to school,” the spokesperson added.

So, if you want your kids to fall head over heels for books, it might be time to dust off those classics and give them a fresh new twist. After all, who knows? Maybe your child will discover a newfound love for literature and become the next Shakespeare or J.K Rowling.

Opportunities abound, and adventure awaits!

*This random double-opt-in survey of 2,000 parents of school-aged kids (5-18) was commissioned by ThriftBooks between March 23 and March 28, 2023. It was conducted by market research company OnePoll, whose team members are members of the Market Research Society and have corporate membership to the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR).