The importance of yogurt and kefir for our health

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The importance of yogurt and kefir for our health
The importance of yogurt and kefir for our health

It has been shown that many people consume yogurt because they are aware of its benefits, from the calcium content to the probiotics and proteins it contains. A major concern about dairy products, including yogurt, is the fact that they might cause inflammation within the body, which could result in some infections, diseases, and disorders as a result, according to Eat This, Not That, which outlines the problems with dairy products in general.

According to a study from Israel, probiotics present in dairy products, such as yogurt, can actually reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system when consumed in the right amount. We are delighted to announce that there is now good news for those people who consider yogurt to be a healthy, reliable food.

A university study conducted in Israel by two researchers has confirmed the presence of molecules from probiotics in Kefir - something similar to yogurt, although they claim that Kefir is healthier - that significantly reduce the level of infection with an agent that causes cholera.


In a subsequent study, the same molecules were also found to act as an anti-inflammatory force, and this was observed also in viral disease models that were constructed by the scientists. Covid-19 is a disease in which the immune response appears to play a major role in causing death in the majority of cases.

We have discovered for the first time a mechanism by which probiotics can protect against pathogenic infections and enhance the immune system, explained Professor Raz Jelinek, Vice President for Research and Development at Ben Gurion University, who led the study.

Despite the fact that more research will likely lead to a better understanding of these findings, the findings of this study can still serve as an additional reason to consume yogurt and kefir regularly on a regular basis.

Now you have great reasons to include yogurt and kefir in your diet as soon as possible, because they are very important for your health.