Make strawberry juice and help your health!

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Make strawberry juice and help your health!
Make strawberry juice and help your health! (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

There is nothing more beautiful, celebratory, and abundant than the month of May. It goes all the way from the distribution of the sacrament of confirmation to the distribution of roses and strawberries. I feel as though the entire month of May exudes youth, beauty, and harmony in its entirety.

Here's an idea to keep the spirit of May for the winter days. You can make strawberry juice which will be beneficial to your health and immune system. Needed: 5 kg of strawberries 2.5 kg of sugar 2 tablespoons of citric acid


Getting started: The strawberries should be washed and drained thoroughly.

You should place the fruit in a steam juicer and sprinkle it with 0.5 kg of sugar before juicing. In order to squeeze out all the juice from your strawberries, you will need to add sugar to the strawberries. As soon as the lid is locked on the steam juicer, pour a large amount of water into the top container, and when it locks, place the central part with the strawberries and the lid on top.

Juicing should not be finished until the lid of the juicer has been opened. The steam that is generated by a steam juicer is your friend. In order to extract all of the juice out of your strawberries, you will need to use steam.

There will be no red color and taste to the strawberries because they will no longer have their red color. Everything he has will be given to the juice. If you want to keep the boiling juice for several days, just pour it into small bottles and store them in the refrigerator.

If you, on the other hand, wish to keep it a longer period of time, boil all the juice that has been squeezed and add the remaining sugar (2 kg). There is nothing better for your health than strawberry juice. There are many effects of the invitation on both your physical and mental health.

Try it and feel it yourself. The hot juice should be poured into clean bottles and covered with a blanket so that it cools down slowly as it cools down in the bottles. After the cake has cooled down, decorate with a sticker and store it for winter use.