James Argent's Shocking Transformation: 82 Kilograms Lost!

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James Argent's Shocking Transformation: 82 Kilograms Lost!

British television personality James Argent, best known for his appearance on the reality program "The Only Way is Essex," has undergone a remarkable transformation. The 35-year-old presenter has lost an astonishing 82 kilograms, going from a weight of 171 kilograms to just 89.

The Key to Argent's Weight Loss Journey

In April of last year, Argent underwent gastric sleeve surgery which significantly reduced the size of his stomach and limited the amount of food he could consume. The surgery played a major role in his massive weight loss, helping him drop from 27 stone (171 kg) to 14 stone (90 kg).

However, the surgery left him with excess skin around his stomach, which he is now looking forward to having removed this summer.

"The Best Decision I've Ever Made"

Writing on Instagram, Arg expressed his gratitude for the transformation, saying, "I can honestly say that it was the best decision I've ever made.

It spurred me on to be serious about my eating habits and exercise." He added, "I've never felt happier or healthier."

Arg attributes his success to a combination of following a healthy diet with smaller portion sizes, training in the gym, and sticking to the advice of the team at Transform Hospital Group.

He stated, "Since my surgery, I've followed the advice from the team at Transform Hospital Group and stuck to a healthy diet with smaller portion sizes. I've also been training in the gym to make my body stronger."

Looking to the Future

Despite his impressive weight loss, Arg has decided to stop losing weight, stating that he thinks he has lost too much weight.

However, he is looking forward to the future and has big plans for the coming year. He concluded, "The future is looking bright, and I can't wait to live it." James Argent's weight loss journey serves as an inspiration to others who may be struggling with their weight.

He has shown that with determination, hard work, and the support of medical professionals, it is possible to achieve significant and lasting change.