How to speed up digestion?!

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How to speed up digestion?!

It is probable that every person has experienced at least a short period of irregular digestion at some point in their lives. Consistently uncomfortable digestion, slow stools, and slow digestion can be caused by chronic digestive problems.

This problem is largely caused by the modern way of life, which is characterized by an accelerated pace and a great deal of stress. In addition, people spend too much time sitting at work and at home, and they engage in very little physical activity.

A variety of routine changes can disrupt regular digestion, including: travels, There is stillness. Sleeping at different times and waking up at different times Smoking and excessive drinking are bad lifestyle habits. Good digestion is also influenced by nutrition.

There are many people who eat irregularly and hastily. It is common for the food we consume to be fast, industrially processed, and to be full of unhealthy fats, sugars, salts, and various additives. A lot of these products contain white flour (bread, pastries, pasta, cakes, biscuits...) and starchy foods with little fiber (rice, potatoes).

Bowels and digestion

These factors overburden the digestive system, causing it to work slowly. A lazy bowel results in frequent constipation lasting for days. The bowels also feel heavy, bloated, and heavy, along with heaviness and pressure.

Long-term hemorrhoids, cramps, and pain may result from this condition. The metabolism may slow down in some people, causing weight to accumulate. The best way to improve digestion is to eat a nutritious and varied diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

As a result, the body will receive a greater amount of vitamins, minerals, protective compounds, and dietary fiber (soluble and insoluble). Dietary probiotics are also recommended since they maintain a balanced intestinal flora and help keep the intestines healthy.

Natural pickled vegetables such as cabbage, turnips, and cucumbers and fermented dairy products are the best choices. We bring you 3 excellent digestive allies. We will be able to establish faster digestion with the help of changing lifestyle habits as well.

1. Dried fruit 2. Apple cider vinegar 3. Fluid intake