How to slow down the aging process?!

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How to slow down the aging process?!

Despite being an inevitable process, aging can be influenced by our environments and how we live. Chromosomes are protected from damage by telomeres, which also determine how long we live. As a result of poor nutrition and insufficient physical activity, they are shortening and aging more quickly and must be changed urgently in order to preserve their youth and health.

Dr. Rubelj reveals what nutrition is capable of slowing down aging and contributing to longevity You may need to change some of your habits urgently in order to extend your life at least a little, since aging is partly genetic, partly nutrition and partly lifestyle habits.

Genetic Factors

Genetic factors, factors with which we are born, and external factors, such as environment, lifestyle, standard, and lifestyle habits can contribute to aging. This is the part that can be improved or deteriorated.

Changing life habits, eliminating bad food from the diet, and including good foods is the most important. To avoid anorexia or malnutrition, but also to avoid excessive body weight, a quality diet should be reduced. As long as this is combined with moderate exercise, which isn't the gym, but daily walks, a psychologically stable life, without excessive stress, Rubel explains, it is already a formula that extends life expectancy significantly at the population level.

After age 50, it is important to take care of the diet change, increased movement, and fresh air exposure in order to live a longer and calmer life. The diet of women and men should be focused more after their fiftieth birthdays.

It's not strange at all, since at a more mature age, the body's needs vary and there are more stressful situations to deal with. This recommendation should be taken seriously, and you should prepare a menu carefully in order to get 1,600 to 2,000 calories a day.

The following nutrients should be included in your diet: protein, which reduces the body's energy consumption, calcium, which prevents bone fragility, vitamin B, zinc, and selenium, which both strengthen your body and slow down the aging process.