5 important rules for skin care during winter

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5 important rules for skin care during winter
5 important rules for skin care during winter (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

The cold season is always a great stress for the skin. And it's not just a matter of low temperatures, but the main enemy of beautiful skin in winter is central heating. Central heating dries out the air in the apartment very much, which immediately affects the condition of our skin.

It becomes dry and tight, and irritations often occur. Fortunately, if you follow a few care rules, you can minimize the negative impact on your skin. Be careful with hot water When the weather outside is cold, it is especially pleasant to come home and stand for a long time under a hot shower.

However, cosmetologists do not recommend abusing the treatment with very hot water. Under the influence of high temperature, the skin begins to actively lose moisture, which quickly causes a feeling of dryness and tightness.

Try using warm shower water to protect your skin from dehydration. Always use a toner The beauty market is growing at an incredible speed. There are so many different means in the assortment of brands that you can immediately understand which of them are really necessary and which are nothing more than a marketing trick.

Tonics definitely fall into the first category, and in the heating season they turn into one of the main skin care products. These products perform a very important function: they restore the acid-base balance of the skin, which has been disturbed both by dry air and by contact with water (that's why the tonic must be applied immediately after washing).

Not only does it normalize the pH balance, the tonic enhances the effect of the next stages of care - serum and cream. Fat cream is not the best solution It is a very popular misconception that you should fight dry skin in winter with heavy, oily textures, and the oilier your cream is, the more benefits it will bring to the skin.

In fact, excess oil in the formula will clog pores and cause acne, rather than nourishing the skin. The main ingredients to look for in the cream are ceramides and triglycerides, which strengthen the skin's protective lipid barrier, which also protects it from excessive moisture loss.

Do not forget the skin of the body The skin of the body suffers from dry air no less than the skin of the face, so you should not forget about that either. Try not to abuse long showers with very hot water, use shower gels with mild ingredients, and apply moisturizing creams containing hyaluronic acid, squalane and ceramides liberally immediately after bathing.

Add more moisturizers During the summer, many of us got used to limiting ourselves to a minimal set of products - tonic and cream were enough for comfortable skin care. In extreme cases, more serum is added. In winter, the range of care must be extended. In addition to tonics, serums and moisturizing creams, you can add nourishing masks 1-2 times a week.