The six-meal-a-day diet that gave Dwayne Johnson a superhero physique

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The six-meal-a-day diet that gave Dwayne Johnson a superhero physique
The six-meal-a-day diet that gave Dwayne Johnson a superhero physique

In an interview with Men's Health, Dwayne Johnson revealed that for his role in the movie "Black Adam" he underwent a special diet to get the look of a superhero and revealed what he consumed in his six daily meals. Although the popular The Rock had an impressive figure from his professional wrestling days, he paid special attention to his physical fitness for his latest role.

Six meals a day to gain weight

Speaking to Men's Health, the actor confirmed that he would eat six meals a day to gain weight. He had "a team of chefs and strength and conditioning trainers to determine the exact number of meals and exercises needed to maintain his superhero physique." They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and The Rock starts the day with "eggs, meat like that bison, complex carbohydrates like oatmeal and fruit, usually papaya or blueberries." He then exercises in the morning, and then eats another meal around 10 a.m., Men's Health writes.

This usually consisted of "complex carbohydrates like rice, chicken breast and greens." Then it's pretty much the same type of meal until the last one of the day. The team preparing his many daily meals tried to change things up, but it depended on protein "from fish, chicken, steak or buffalo," as well as "complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and greens." While people would get sick at the thought of consuming so much food, that's just a day in the life of The Rock.

He also admitted that he rarely eats food just because it tastes good. Unless it serves a purpose, it doesn't go into Johnson's mouth. Dwayne was inspired by what his father knew about nutrition: "He taught me very early on not to eat to please the tongue but to eat to nourish the body. He taught me that when I was five. That’s probably why I need therapy." he joked.

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