Vitamin B: Deficiency, importance

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Vitamin B: Deficiency, importance

Especially in women, your body's ability to absorb vitamin B from food slows down as you age. A vitamin B deficiency affects one out of four women aged 40 to 59. Their values are often borderline. What is the cause of your lack of vitamin B complex? A vegetarian or vegan diet, as well as adhering to a variety of restrictive diets, pose the greatest risk for vitamin B deficiency, since vitamin B, especially B12, occurs naturally only in animal products such as meat, eggs, shellfish, and dairy products.

Chronic B vitamin deficiency is also associated with certain medications for diabetes and heart disease, weight loss, and digestive disorders such as celiac disease or Crohn's disease. As well as playing a key role in the formation of DNA and red blood cells, vitamin B is essential for healthy brain function and immune system function.

Your metabolism also depends on it. Insufficient vitamin B can cause fatigue or impaired vision, among other symptoms. Pay attention to some of these: Fatigue is the first sign of vitamin B deficiency In the case of vitamin B deficiency, fatigue is one of the first signs.

Red blood cells transport oxygen to your organs, and your body depends on vitamin B to produce them. It doesn't matter how long you sleep if your cells don't have enough oxygen. Even daily activities are exhausting for you Your muscles will be weak if you don't get enough oxygen from red blood cells, and you won't be able to carry a heavy grocery bag.

Using vitamin B to relieve tingling in the hands and feet is a natural remedy I feel like electricity is flowing from my head to my this familiar to you? In some cases, the arms and legs become numb and a sensation of being pierced by a needle occurs.

Nerve damage is responsible for these strange sensations and pains, which are triggered by low oxygen levels in the cells. Having trouble remembering things and getting distracted? There is a need for a B complex. You tend to get blocked more often when it comes to your memory.

This is most likely not a sign of early dementia, but of low vitamin B levels. A blood test that reveals vitamin B deficiency can be treated with the appropriate dietary supplement.

A vitamin B deficiency can lead to dizziness on a regular basis

This is another symptom of vitamin B deficiency.

The vitamin B levels of patients who reported dizziness were compared with those of 100 healthy volunteers in one study. A 40% reduction in vitamin B levels was found in the blood of patients with vertigo compared to volunteers.

Pale skin appears on you Vitamin B deficiency causes your red blood cells to break easily, causing the release of bilirubin pigment. A yellow or whitish tint is imparted to the skin by it.