Overweight can be caused by a variety of unexpected factors

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Overweight can be caused by a variety of unexpected factors

Generally, weight gain results from too many calories consumed from food and drink, combined with a reduction in physical activity. This results in a caloric surplus, thereby increasing body weight. In order to maintain optimal body weight, it is imperative to consume the correct amount of food energy.

However, if we eat healthily and exercise regularly but keep adding kilograms, there might be something else at play that is causing unexplained weight gain.


Weight gain can be caused by a variety of medications you use.

You can gain weight if you take birth control pills, steroids, beta-blockers, or migraine medications. As a result of their work, they cause weight gain without overeating or making any other mistakes because they increase appetite and slow down metabolism.

Nutritionists recommend asking your doctor to prescribe another type of medicine without such side effects if you notice your weight is affected by the medicine you are taking.


Nearly all women experience slowed metabolism, depression, sleep problems, and increased appetite during menopause.

During menopause, estrogen gradually disappears, causing the pounds to pile on more quickly. A healthy diet and regular physical activity are therefore recommended for women in menopause.

Lack of vitamins or minerals

Another unexpected cause of weight gain could be a lack of vitamins or minerals in the body.

Namely, lack of vitamin D, magnesium and iron can threaten immunity and influence your energy level, and therefore your activities. Experts advise checking your blood levels if you suspect you are deficient in vitamins or minerals if you do not have the energy for a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Sleep problems

There is no need to emphasize how important quality sleep is for both mental and physical health. Many do not manage to satisfy the recommended amount of sleep of eight hours during the night, and a long-term lack of sleep has been proven to have a number of harmful consequences on human health.

Many studies have come up with results that show that lack of sleep affects an increase in body fat, an increased risk of obesity and the success of losing weight, even if you control your calorie intake.