Butter board. Social networks are flooded with a trend that's not healthy!

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Butter board. Social networks are flooded with a trend that's not healthy!

On the social networks Instagram and TikTok, you must have seen videos in which people spread butter on wooden boards and then add various sauces, spices, and fruits. This trend has gone viral, with 244.6 million views on TikTok alone, but many forget that excessive consumption of butter can have negative health effects.

“They are fun and beautiful, but remember, butter is high in saturated fat which is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease,” Caroline Susie, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics told The Post.

The recommendation of the American Heart Association is that only five to six percent of the calories you consume come from saturated fat, because their excessive intake can increase the level of LDL or harmful cholesterol.

“if your needs require 2000 calories a day [then] no more than 120 of them should come from saturated fat or about 13 grams of saturated fat a day,” Susie explains. “One tablespoon butter has 7 grams of saturated fat to put that into perspective”.

Justine Doiron, a TikToker and food blogger who has been viewed over 8 million times as of this writing, very likely got the idea for butter boards from her now-viral TikTok showing her smearing butter on a board and decorating it with sauces, spices, fruits or edible flowers.

With bread and crackers, partygoers can pick up the butter and devour it with their fingers.

#butterboard has surpassed 300 million views

Reports state that TikTok has surpassed 300 million views with the hashtag #butterboard which has trended on the platform during the past few weeks.

Food experts have expressed concerns over the hygiene of the cooking trend in the clips showcasing it, despite the fact that the clips have become extremely popular. It is interesting to note that some members of the audience are divided when it comes to how well the food is presented and tasted.

It seems that some people enjoy butter boards more than others, but others complain about the videos being disgusting to them. “I just don’t trust people not to double dip,” a user wrote. “Wood board = bacteria. Add to that the double-dipping guests and you have yourself quite the germ-fest,” wrote another.