A video game that amazed many


A video game that amazed many

Croteam's team who was responsible for developing Serious Sam 4 did not expect that the development of the game would result in the development of an entirely new series that would begin with a totally separate game. The Talos Principle is exactly what happened when Serious Sam 4 experimented with interactive segmented levels, and that is exactly what happened when The Talos Principle came out of our experiments.

As a result, we were able to create a first-person puzzle adventure that is among the best games of 2014. There is no question that ours is the best, but the ratings confirm that as well. There is no doubt that the original Serious Sam, which has an average rating of 87 on Metacritic, has been overtaken by the Talos Principle since it has an average rating of 88 on Metacritic (for the PlayStation 4 version).

Talons Principle

The role we played in Talos Principle was that of a robot with a kind of conscious that is similar to that of a human. More than a hundred riddles are given to him by a deity named Elohim, and by way of computer panels he is seduced by a "snake" and by doing so questions his understanding of existence in general.

There is a backstory behind that plot that we will not reveal, but I definitely encourage you to experience it for yourself to get a better understanding. The only thing we will remind you about is the fact that there are multiple endings in the game.

The story was also worked on by external collaborators Tom Jubert and Jonas Kyratzes in addition to Croteam members. In Talos Principle, there are not as many puzzles as in Portal 2, but they present a fair challenge to the player, as well as the ability to solve them relatively freely.

It was my intention to test each puzzle using a bot first and then adjust the difficulty level of each puzzle based on the results. Every now and then, the game would change the environment in which the puzzles would take place, so from time to time we would pass through environments that have Greek, Egyptian and medieval themes associated with them.