After Us: A video game that amazed many

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After Us: A video game that amazed many
After Us: A video game that amazed many (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

There has been a lot of talk about the game After Us over the past few months. This video game seems to have attracted a lot of attention, and I'm confident that it will surprise all those who have been waiting impatiently for it.

In a new game developed by the same people responsible for the excellent Arise: A Simple Story, we embark on a rather different journey. Unlike most video games, After Us takes place in a world destroyed by human hands, and the goal of the game is to save the souls of all of the extinct animals by taking on the role of Gaia, a spirit of life that is trying to save the world from destruction.

After Us Story

The story of After Us will take you on an emotional journey exploring a fallen world that has become devoid of all life. Among the activities that will be performed are sliding, flying, avoiding traps, facing opponents, and cleaning up the polluted planet of the oil that was pumped into it.

Similarly to their previous title, the new title will have an appealing visual style, however this time around the tone of the game will be a bit darker than before. As a result of the destructive relationship between man and nature that we now live in, we will visit places such as dying forests, dilapidated cities, dried-up seas, and polluted skies in order to make sense of the world we live in.

Gaia is going to face a variety of challenges in each of these environments. During the journey, we will not only save souls, but we will also discover the fate of our opponents, who will not look kindly on our efforts to restore life to the planet as a result of our effort to save souls.

It has to be said that there are high expectations for this game, and there is no question that the storyline is really great. There will be something completely different and special about After Us. Until now, we have not had the opportunity to play anything like this.