MOBA Predecessor is available!

There will be no free download of Predecessor, unfortunately

by Sead Dedovic
MOBA Predecessor is available!

It is very likely that many of you are familiar with the innovative MOBA game Paragon, which was an Epic Games exclusive. Having been released in 2016, that game was shut down two years later, after which it became completely forgotten about for the future.

The good news is that Epic Games offered a free download of Paragon's features, characters, and content for the game which included 20 characters, their skins, animations, and even the map where the game was taking place.

The control of certain parts of Paragon was taken over by Omeda Studios in early 2018 and they decided to start developing their own Paragon game called Predecessor. Currently, the game has been in development for four years, and it is slated for release as part of the Early Access program on December 1st.

There will be no free download of Predecessor, unfortunately. You will be required to buy one of three bundles in order to get access to the game, which is the Rare Bundle, Epic Bundle and Legendary Bundle, which are all available for purchase.

Among the many benefits that come with these bundles, some of them include the ability to unlock heroes or credits in the game as well.


As for the game itself, it is designed so that 10 players can play at once, divided into two teams, so that each player controls their chosen hero within the game.

There are no two heroes who are the same. The abilities and design of each hero are unique to that particular hero. As with any other MOBA, Predecessor is also a game in which you will collect coins in order to buy items, and with the items you will be able to enhance the hero's attributes such as power, attack speed, health, as well as make him stronger.

In order to achieve success, you need to destroy the primal core of your opponent. It is important to keep in mind that XP also plays a role in hero development, as the higher your hero's level, the harder he is to kill and the more skills he has available to him.

The success of this game will, of course, be interesting to observe, since another Paragon game, Overprime, will be released a week later, which is sure to be a rival to Predecessor in terms of reception.