The PC version of The Callisto Protocol disappointed gamers

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The PC version of The Callisto Protocol disappointed gamers
The PC version of The Callisto Protocol disappointed gamers (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

As far as PC gaming is concerned, this fall will definitely not be remembered as an enjoyable one. It is no secret that a number of high-profile games have been disappointed from a technical standpoint in their PC versions, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, A Plague Tale Requiem, and Gotham Knights, and now we also have another entry on our list.

It has been reported that The Callisto Protocol, the horror adventure that was just released, is experiencing terrible performance problems on PC and causing it to crash repeatedly. Despite the fact that we haven't played the game yet, judging by the reactions of players on Steam, it appears that the situation is terrible.

It seems that even 72% of the reviews are negative, and people are complaining that they cannot get a stable 60 frames per second with graphics cards in the RTX 3080 range, even if they use the lowest graphics settings. Furthermore, the game suffers from frequent crashes in addition to its oscillations in performance.


As with anything in life, there is always a chance that things will smooth out over time, but the question remains whether or not this is a valid argument in this particular case. Starting with the announcement of the hardware requirements for the PC version of the game, the behavior of the game developers has been a bit strange.

When the game was first announced, they announced only the minimum and recommended requirements, which didn't seem awful at first, but ten hours before the game was released, they announced the Max and Ultra requirements, which were many times higher than what was initially recommended.

In addition, it's not a good sign when a publisher does not publish a review for a game until it has actually been released, which is similarly what happened with The Callisto Protocol in the beginning of this year. According to the system stats, the game has scored an average of 76 points so far, and this has led to a drop in the value of Krafton's shares (-8.41%), which is a direct result of the increase in the game's score.