Sony sent a warning to gamers!

As far as Microsoft is concerned, they have serious plans

by Sead Dedovic
Sony sent a warning to gamers!

As far as Microsoft is concerned, they have serious plans, and the question is when they will be able to realize them. To achieve perfection, they try a variety of methods in order to achieve it. Microsoft plans to acquire Activision Blizzard and put it under its Xbox family of games, as most of you probably already know.

In order to do so, however, they must first obtain the approval of the regulators of various markets, who are presently assessing whether such a move would result in some form of monopoly on the gaming industry or not. According to reports made by Sony, which is a direct competitor of Microsoft on the console market, Microsoft has complained to regulators that they plan to steal the Call of Duty series from them, and with it a large part of the audience that buys PlayStation consoles precisely because of this genre of games.

In addition, they argued their complaints in a number of different ways, and all of these points became public after a document containing some almost unbelievable statements was published by the British regulators.


Apparently, Sony is claiming that if Microsoft takes over Activision Blizzard, then the audience will suffer, since Microsoft will be in a position to increase the price of Xbox consoles, its games and Game Pass subscriptions, while at the same time reducing competition within the industry.

There is no doubt that every one of the above statements is true, but what is funny about this argument is that Sony uses consumers as its argument, and most interestingly they are the same people who raised the prices of their games to the same consumers two years ago, and from this year they will also raise the prices of their PlayStation 5 consoles.

In other words, gamers would benefit from Microsoft raising prices, but the audience would not benefit from Sony raising their prices as well. Considering the state of things, Microsoft's takeover of Activision Blizzard is not likely to take place this year, and it's also not certain if it will happen at all.

A lot of indications are there that the US Federal Trade Commission will seek to block the acquisition, which will make the whole situation even more complicated.