New Crash Bandicoot multiplayer: Details

A YouTuber by the name of Liam Robertson got his hands on early footage of Wumpa League

by Sead Dedovic
New Crash Bandicoot multiplayer: Details

There is no doubt that Crash Bandicoot was the game of our childhood, and something we will never forget. Several years ago, a video game called Crash caused great reactions and became one of the most recognizable video games ever created.

In spite of this, the creators of the game are still working on Crash and want to do even better with it in the future. There will be a new game in the world of Crash Bandicoot that will be announced on 12/8 of this year. According to the rumors, the game will be Wumpa League, a multiplayer project developed by Toys for Bob studio parallel to Crash Bandicoot 4, so they put the game on hold while they worked on Call of Duty Vanguard at the same time.

Despite the fact that there is still no official confirmation that these speculations are correct, we now have some concrete materials that are related to this alleged game. A YouTuber by the name of Liam Robertson got his hands on early footage of Wumpa League and revealed what was behind the game's core idea.

The game is basically a 3D platformer where two teams compete against each other in order to collect as many apples as possible during a match. As part of the game, players can battle it out and sabotage each other, and the whole concept of the game is reminiscent of certain modes from Fall Guys in some ways.

Robertson on the game

Robertson has described the Wumpa League as being an adaptation of the Crash Bandicoot 4 game, but with slightly larger levels in comparison to Crash Bandicoot 4. This game incorporates the mechanics of flying, such as using a parachute, into order to make it easier for the player to move through these levels.

All of this seems to be convincing, as stated in the attached materials, and all of it seems to be supportive. It is still unclear how many of these ideas actually made their way into the final version of the game, but the only question that remains is how many of them were actually utilized.

It is important to note that what we see now are recordings from early development stages, which only represent a fraction of what we can expect in the final release. In the next two weeks, we should be able to see the game, so we shouldn't have to wait long for an answer.