GTA Movie: Eminem in the main role!?

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GTA Movie: Eminem in the main role!?

For as long as anyone can remember, GTA has been one of the most popular video games and brands that have attracted the most attention. A product like Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most successful in the history of the entertainment industry, and as a result, it made more money than even some of the most popular movies in history.

Even though GTA was not as popular as it is today, there were plans to adapt the game series into a movie when it was still relatively unknown. There is a rumor that there is a somewhat unusual story behind this incident. After the release of the third GTA game, Rockstar already had an offer for a GTA movie in the works, as agent Kirk Ewing told in a recent BBC podcast.

Ewing claims that he spoke with Rockstar's head of entertainment, Sam Houser, about the possibility of turning GTA into a movie, and that the producers from Los Angeles offered him a scenario where the director and the main actor had already been agreed upon, and that the script had already been written.

It was originally planned that Tony Scott, the director of the original Top Gun, would take over the director's baton, and that the then mega-popular rapper Eminem would play the lead role in the movie.


Despite the fact that you may be wondering what Eminem has to do with acting, you should keep in mind that Eminem started acting 20 years ago, after his debut performance in the movie 8 Mile.

Even though he won an Oscar for his performance in that film, it wasn't for his acting but for the music he composed for the film. As a result, the Rockstar boss was reportedly turned down by the offer. It was not long after that, when Ewing states that Rockstar realized that in Grand Theft Auto, they had a franchise that was potentially bigger than any movie franchise at the time.

In terms of Eminem, he has never been formally associated with the Grand Theft Auto series in any way. As it happens, it wasn't until the end of last year that he got an indirect link, by joining his friend Dr. Drea to perform one of the songs that was released after the release of The Contract expansion for GTA Online.