Steam games will become more expensive!

Players in Europe are already paying more than what Valve is proposing anyway

by Sead Dedovic
Steam games will become more expensive!

Despite the exchange rate and monetary value of various currencies changing significantly in 2022, Steam prices for games have not changed for years. It is for this reason that Valve has introduced new guidelines for developers, which could lead to higher prices for games in some markets, including the European market.

Depending on the amount, Valve suggests a price increase of 15-25%. Players in Europe are already paying more than what Valve is proposing anyway, so it's not necessary to emphasize this point. There has been a suggestion that a game worth 60 dollars (without tax) costs 50 euros here...

This rarely happens, but on Steam 60 dollars equals 60 euros. All of this points to the fact that Valve only provides pricing guidelines that publishers and developers may or may not follow. In other words, Steam users can set their own prices for their games regardless of what Valve recommends.

Basically, their proposal is there so that publisher/developer does not have to worry about calculating the currency value.

Valve: Increase

With a new pricing proposal, Valve is taking a step towards preventing games from being sold in markets they don't belong in.

There is a well-known trick for saving money by purchasing games for the Argentine, Turkish or Russian markets, where prices are much lower. There have been years of attempts by Valve to end this, and the biggest price hikes are precisely in markets with cheaper games.

Accordingly, the Turkish market's proposed increase of the $60 game amounts to 454%, and the Argentinian market's is 485%. Even lower amounts are subject to higher price increases. Nevertheless, this doesn't necessarily mean that the price will go up - each publisher/developer makes this decision for themselves.

Those who feel they belong to Argentina and Turkey, however, probably don't write well. Those true fans will not mind even if the price goes up.