The Sims Mobile will continue to receive content updates and updates as work on The Sims 5 progresses

by Sead Dedovic

It's been eight years since The Sims series' last game, but Maxis have confirmed that they're working on a completely new title. For now, the game is known as Project Rene in place of Sims 5. Among the key ideas of the new Sims game is sharing creations.

There is a possibility of creating content collaboratively with friends in the game. Design can be applied to larger scales (e.g., building a house, decorating a room), as well as smaller scales - like parts of a piece of furniture.

Besides color and texture, furniture in the game can also be designed based on shape. As an example, pillows can be placed on couches, etc. A laptop can be placed on the lower level of the table, blankets on couches, etc. Small details can also be added to the furniture.

It will also be possible to place objects more freely. Without too many restrictions, at whatever angle the player wants. It should be easier to create more vivid living spaces with The Sims 5, with a variety of trinkets indicating habitation.

Maxis: It's in the early stages

It's still in its very early stages, Maxis says. Also, the game will be available on all devices. Their goal is to make the gaming experience the same across platforms, and they're testing mobile gaming right now.

In spite of the fact that it will take a few more years for the game to be finished, it will have various tests, and it will be an early access title, which means you can play it even before it's finished. Also confirmed: The Sims Mobile will continue to receive content updates and updates as work on The Sims 5 progresses.

The Sims 4 - which is free - will also continue to receive content updates. Great news for the gamers.We hope that SIMS will give us real pleasure.