Kids of Chappelle Family | Sonal(Sanaa) Chappelle, Ibrahim Chappelle

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Kids of Chappelle Family | Sonal(Sanaa) Chappelle, Ibrahim Chappelle

It is believed that making someone laugh is harder than making them cry. And one of the admired names in this business is Dave Chappelle. Dave Chappelle is one of the best-known an American stand-up comedian, as well as writer, actor, and producer who has made millions laugh and be happy without a reason through his show ‘The Chappelle Show’ on Comedy Central Channel.

Here we will know about all three kids of Dave Chappelle and Elaine Chappelle. Stay tuned. Dave Chappell wife Elaine Chappelle children Sulayman Ibrahim Sanaa family full family of Dave Dave Chappelle married Elaine Mendoza Efre (Elaine Chappelle) in 2001 who belongs to Filipino Ethnicity.

Dave and Elaine have been married for 18 years and living happily with there children. Moreover, Just before marriage, in 1998, Dave converted to Islam. Dave asked Elaine to change her religion, but she refused. Both Dave and Elaine respect each other's decisions and religion.

Dave Chappelle net worth is $42 million Dave Chappelle was offered $60 million by Netflix after released of Equanimity and The Bird Revelation, a TV comedy show by Dave. Elaine Chappelle and Dave Chappelle The couple and their children reside in Yellow Springs, Ohio, on 65-acres (260,000-meter square) near Antioch College.

In fact, it is the same college where the father of the comedian William David Chappelle taught music.

Three Kids of Dave and Elaine Chappelle

CBS, this Morning took interview of Dave Chappelle where he is seen talking about his kids playing an essential role in his career.

And expressed his kids being his strength.

Sulyaman Chappelle

Dave Chappelle and Elaine Chappelle Son Sulayman Sulyaman Chappelle is the oldest son of Dave Chappelle. Sulyaman has one brother and a sister.

Sulayman is the Arabic name of Soloman. David called him the King’s David which means the king of Israel. Dave jokes about him, calling King David. Now he has grown up. The age of Sulyaman is unknown.

Ibrahim Chappelle

Dave Chappelle and Elaine Chappelle Son Ibrahim Ibrahim Chappelle is the second child of Dave and Elaine.

Ibrahim is an Arabic name for Abraham which means the father of faith. Chappelle made jokes about his kids in his comedy show, and the kids also have no problem with it, seems like Dave has taught them weel about comedy. One time Dave’s son Ibrahim made him a macaroni necklace which made him cried.

When his son asked him why he was crying and Dave being a comedian responded with humor "that once you used to live in my balls man, and now you are making jewelry out of macaroni".

Sonal(Sanna) Chappelle

Dave Chappelle and Elaine Chappelle Daughter Sonal (Sanaa) Chappelle Sonal (Sanaa)Chappelle is the youngest daughter of Dave and Elaine.

Sanaa was born in 2009, and now she is ten years old. Sanaa is adorable and has grown up with siblings Sulyanman and Ibrahim. Sanna Chappelle has been spotted with her family at Miami Heat basketball game in the MIA. Sanaa Chappelle appeared in the show Saturday Night Live. Sanna explained, “ Her father said that Donald Trump would stop and frisk her cat”.

Also, she adds she had a black cat in her home.

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