Jeff Fisher: Net Worth, Salary, NFL, Head Coach, Wife Juli fisher, Son, Age, Wiki

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Jeff Fisher: Net Worth, Salary, NFL, Head Coach, Wife Juli fisher, Son, Age, Wiki
Jeff Fisher: Net Worth, Salary, NFL, Head Coach, Wife Juli fisher, Son, Age, Wiki (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

One of the most knowledgeable names in soccer is Jeffrey Michael Fisher also popularly known as Jeff Fisher. This article concerns Jeff Fisher, the former head coach of the NFL Los Angeles Rams. Due to poor performance on his team, he was discharged in December 2016, yet he still ranks high up in the list of highest-paid coaches.

Let's know Jeff Fisher's net value and salary. Jeff Fisher is a former American football player and former head coach in the National Football League (NFL) for 22 seasons. He was an NFL. He's known for his work as a coach for 17 seasons at Tennessee Titans.

Fisher also coached the Los Angeles Rams franchise for five seasons. From 1981 to 1985 he played for Chicago Bears and won the 1985 NFC NFC and Central Championships.

Jeff Fisher Net worth & Salary

One thing is sure if Jeff Fisher comes back to the NFL or not.

He won't settle for a low cut salary. Based on the experience of the game, a coach with his status has a lot to give. However, according to the published reliable sources, the net worth of Jeff Fisher is estimated to be $20 million.

His wages are equal to 7 million dollars. He has all his wealth, homes and cars from his football profession, which was a long journey to where he now is. With his career much more back in history, the former coach is active on NFL since 1985.

Jeff Fisher net worth is revalued to $ 20 million.

Early Life & Career of Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher was born in Culver City, California, United States, with the name Jeffrey Michael Fisher on 25 February 1958. He is a US citizen, his ethnicity is white, and his birth sign is Pisces.

No information exists about his parents and siblings. Typically, he does not talk in the media or public about his private life. In his home country, at Taft High School in Woodland Hills, Jeff completed his high school education.

He was an ALl-American Wide receiver amid his high school days. Subsequently enrolled at Southern California University in 1977, where he played football. His coach, John Robinson, correctly guarded and coached him and further shaped his career considerably.

He played and graduated in Southern California from 1977 to 1980. He was also chosen as an All-Academic Pac-10 player as part of the 1978 championship team.

Professional Career as Coach

He started his career with the Chicago Bears in 1981.

But he was forced to retire after winning a few championships, with a broken leg and an ankle injury, which limited his ability to play. He soon began coaching, served as the Bears ' defense assistant, and moved then to the Philadelphia Eagles ' defense coach.

He worked as Defensive Coordinator for the Adles, Rams and the 49ers over the next few years and became Head Coach of the Houston Oilers, then known as the Tennessee Titans. At first, he was very successful with the Titans, but in the 2000s the team had begun to suffer severe raises and downs.

Mr. Fisher became Head Coach of the St. Louis Rams after a record 16 seasons with the Titans. Since Rams fired him in the 2016 season, Jeff Fisher has not recruited in the NFL and his name has not been published in mixture with any jobs.

But he neither gave up hopes of being back in the NFL moreover he misses the fresh morning smell of field and being with the players.


From 2012 to 2016, Jeff served as Los Angeles Rams head coach. During 2016, he attempted to take his son to the staff of the Titans, because of which the team fired him.

Jeff was frequently regarded in the media as a dirty coach amid his long coaching career. He's been in some controversy mostly through feuds with players and other coaches in his career. On his appearance on the documentary series ' Hard Knocks' on HBO Jeff Fisher had used some offensive language.

Shortly he was personally scolded by his mother for his bad language and abusive behavior.

What is Jeff Fisher doing now?

It's been about two years since he finally developed a strategy as an NFL coach, yet he consecutively appears in the headlines.

Fisher mainly presents his views and opinions on talk shows, particularly on radio and podcasts. One thing he shared with his fans was his willingness to return to the league. Not as an assistant, nor as a defensive coordinator, but as a head coach.

Jeff did not disclose precisely when and for which team he had his eyes set up, but he continued to explain that a few offers were made. He even refused a television job to adhere once again to his coaching instincts.

Jeff Fisher's Personal Life

Jeff Fisher was married to Juli Fisher.

In 1986, the couple got married. and after 2 decades of their marriage, they divorced in 2008. Jeff has been in no relationships since then. At present, they don't live together. They have three kids together, Trent Fisher, Tara Fisher and Brandon Fisher.

His son Brandon was the linebacker at the University of Montana while Trent, his son is a defensive back at the University of Auburn.

Jeff Fisher’s Body Measurements

Jeff is about 1.78 meters tall or 5 feet tall. He is 85 kg weight but recently some weight.

He is maintaining his health and is having well-balanced diets. No information is available on his other body measurements. His color eye is hazel, and the color of his hair is grey. For more updates don’t forget to like our Facebook and also follow on Instagram.