Tela O'Donnell from Alaska: The Last Frontier, Net Worth, Husband, & Bio

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Tela O'Donnell from Alaska: The Last Frontier, Net Worth, Husband, & Bio
Tela O'Donnell from Alaska: The Last Frontier, Net Worth, Husband, & Bio (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Alaska: The Last Frontier is back on Discovery Channel with a new cast in the form of Tela O'Donnell Bacher who has a long story with the Kilcher 's family in Homer, Alaska. Two-times World Silver Medalist, Tela O'Donnell is a retired American wrestler and a reality star.

She has been wrestling since her high school. "I wasn’t a girl who wrestled. I was a wrestler who happened to be a girl," said Tela. There are some facts you don't know about Tela. We are here to tell about you the new cast of Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Tela O'Donnell?

Tela is a retired amateur freestyle wrestler who competed in the women's lightweight competition in the 2000s. Tela O'Donnell was born on July 16, 1982, in Homer, Alaska to Claire. Tela was at her mother womb when Claire moved to Alaska.

There is no information about her father and early life on any sites.

Education and Career

Tela studied at Homer High School in Alaska where she began her sporting career where she played football and volleyball. During her high school, she joined the wrestling team at Maine State Champ under her coach Pat Dagel and she recorded as the second female wrestler to place in the state wrestling tournaments.

After completing her high school, Tela enrolled at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon where she competed on the women's wrestling for an annual season. Further, she attended at the University of Colorado where she studied a bachelor of science in psychology.

Tela at Olympics Wrestling In 2003, she won the U.S. national runner-up trophy and the following year, she represented the U.S. team at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, overall sixth. She joined the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado under head coach, Terry Steiner.

Tela O'Donnell Married Paul Bacher

After her retirement from wrestling, she has a new life and lived a normal life like other ordinary people. She met a man of her dream, Paul Bacher who is a local contractor and they are parents of three adorable kids.

Tela was featured as Kilcher's neighbors on Discovery's hit reality series "Alaska: The Last Frontier." Being a longtime friend of Kilcher, they are also 'fellow badass homesteaders.' She said that she is living the American dream raising her family while living the homestead life.

She credits her mom for teaching her homesteading skills. In an interview, she told, her then-pregnant mother built their home by wearing a pillow to mitigate the noise of the chainsaw while cutting the trees.

In the interview, Tela revealed how her then-pregnant mum Claire built their log cabin home by “wearing a pillow” to mitigate the noise of the chainsaw while cutting down the trees.

Net Worth

Tela O'Donnell is living under the radar that means her net worth is under review.

But we assured that she got paid good money from the channel for her appearances. She earned as a wrestler from wrestling but she never disclosed her exact net worth.