Emily Riedel Bering Sea Net Worth, Career and Relationships

If you have watched the show Bering Sea Gold, then you know about Emily Riedel. She is a reality TV star who is...

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Emily Riedel Bering Sea Net Worth, Career and Relationships

If you have watched the show Bering Sea Gold, then you know about Emily Riedel. She is a reality TV star who is most famous for the reality TV show Bering Sea Gold. It is a dangerous and risky investment for Emily to cast in the show as a woman as Gold dredging involves harsh conditions.

She is the only women in the show. Her net worth mostly sources back to her involvement in the play ‘Bering Sea Gold.’ Emily Riedel is also one of such a social media born star, who rose to fame as a rising reality television star and with the growing popularity, she is gathering fans and followers.

Her fans, however, are still unaware of the life of this star beyond the social media. We have all the details you probably do not know about Emily Riedel, from her wiki-bio, net worth, married to her husband.

Emily Riedel Bio

Emily Riedel was born on July 4, 1988, and now she is 30 years old.

She holds an American nationality. Emily loved the music and had the ambition to become an opera singer. Emily got her vocal training from the University of South Carolina. She couldn’t imagine her life without gold mining and got a tattoo of it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6N_UgWX3BQ Riedel is a good looking and a smart girl with dark hair and a slim body. Riedel loves diving, and mostly she dives into the cold waters of the Bering Sea in swimwear. During a dive, once she ran out of oxygen and had almost drowned, but luckily she saved at the time.

Emily Riedel's Early Life, Parents, Education

Emily is the daughter of the famous ship driver, Steve Riedel, who has been seen on such ships as Wild Ranger and Minnows, and is also a part of the reality show “Bering Sea Gold”.

Her mother’s identity remains unknown to the media. Her father was a fisherman and fishing is the only source of income in her family. Later father and daughter both met in gold digging. The Riedel family is involved in the fishing business, and every member has duties in regards to fishing.

However, it was only enough for bills and simple life. https://www.instagram.com/p/BgsERirhfs1/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=embed_loading_state_control Emily wanted more for herself than that simple life in Alaska, and became interested in music, preferring classical and opera, and upon high school enrollment, at the University of North Carolina’s School of Arts, where she received vocal training.

The Career of Emily Riedel

Emily Bering sea gold After graduated from the University of South Carolina pursued the bachelor degree in Vocal Performance. She was searching for a job and later her friend, Zeke told the responsibility of making huge money in the short period through the gold mining.

In 2011, she packed her bags with only $300 and went to Nome, Alaska to start her career in gold dredging. Clark signed Emily for gold digging along with her friend Zeke Tenhoff as a deckhand. Later, she left Clark to work on The Edge, another dredging ship captained by Zeke.

Some years later she got experienced working in gold mining. While Emily was traveling back to Nome for another trip, she got called from the producers of the Deadliest Catch that he wanted to telecast the lives of Bering Sea Gold dredgers on Discovery Channel.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1czc1SzVy6Y They got to be the part of the reality TV series that documented all the real lives of gold dredgers into a show, Bering Sea Gold. The reality Tv aired the first season on discovery channel in January 2012.

Emily Bering sea gold Emily is the only female cast in the show and faces a lot of trouble with the entire crew and cameras. She is termed to extremely efficient in her work and believes in herself during the procedure of procuring gold.

In the third episode of Bering Sea Gold, she bought a new ship and changed the name of The Edge to The Eroica. Then she became the owner and captain of the boat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgWVST-2LVI

Emily Relationship With Boyfriend Zeke Tenhoff

Current Emily Riedel relation status is single and not dating any other guy.

Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff have on and off the relationship. The two were close friends before they appeared in the show Bering Sea Gold. Emily Reidel Zeke Tenhoff Relationship Emily Riedel has a busy schedule and doesn’t have time for explaining her love life.

The friendship relation turned into lovers while they were working together in Nome, Alaska. They got very close during their work. Later the beautiful love turned into a tenuous relationship as Emily told. People usually say that don’t mix the professional life and personal life, but Emily and Zeke did just that.

She said that the relationship was full of drama and tension. Also, she says she continuously ask herself whether all the drama and tension is worth it. After their breakup, they were forced to work together due to the partnership.

But now they are not together and have own and managed the separate mining project personally.

Emily Ridel's The Bering Sea And Net Worth

Emily Riedel is a full-time gold dredger and TV personality. On 27th January 2012, she kicked off her television career, the day Bering Sea Gold first aired.

Her earnings from the show and mining operation are not known as she’s never talked about it. Emily earns most of her income through the show Bering Sea Gold. She also had multiple other projects that had contributed to the growth of her net worth including the ones she did with her partner, Zeke, both times when they were dating as well as when the time they were separated. Currently, she is living a lavish lifestyle. But how much is Emily Riedel’ net worth?