Jerry Solomon: Know Everything About Nancy Kerrigan’s Husband

If you love sports game, then you must have heard the name Nancy Kerrigan who is a former American Skating Campion,...

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Jerry Solomon: Know Everything About Nancy Kerrigan’s Husband

If you love sports game, then you must have heard the name Nancy Kerrigan who is a former American Skating Campion, a 1992 Olympic Championship. Nancy has been able to bring her husband, Jerry Solomon into the spotlight. Jerry is mostly known as Nancy's husband.

Let’s find out everything about Jerry Solomon’s birthdate, relationship, wife, kids, salary, and profession.

Who is Jerry Solomon?

Jerry Solomon was born in 1954 to parents Roberta Madison and Edward D.Solomon.

His exact birth of date is not known. His father was the chief executive of Shoe Town Inc and mother is originally from Malibu. Jerry Solomon is 68 years old. Most of his childhood, school, and college information are kept hidden.

Jerry graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles. Then he received his master degree in International Business from Columbia University.

How did Jerry Solomon and Nancy Kerrigan get close?

Talking about Jerry Solomon is quite unlike other celebrities couple.

Jerry Soloman met then girlfriend and now wife, Nancy Kerrigan in the mid-1990s. The interest parts of their relationship that it was the third marriage of Jerry and the first of his wife, Nancy Kerrigan. Jerry and Nancy Wedding On 9 September 1995, the year after his current wife, Nancy retired from amateur competition, the two got married.

You might be thinking how did they first meet and began their loved story? Let’s know the complete details of their marriage and past affairs. When Solomon met Nancy for the first time, he was a married man. At that time, he was the marketing manager of the ProServ.

Jerry Solomon and Nancy Kerrigan Prior to Nancy, Jerry had been married twice. Their relationship turned into a scandal when the 41 years old, Solomon married the 25 years old Nancy due to their age gaps. He was Nancy’s manager from March 1992 and revealed their relationship in the year 1994.

Later it came to know that he has separated from his second wife in 1993 and was in the middle of divorce proceedings. His wife, Kathy Solomon alleged that Jerry had an affair which written on divorce papers.


Jerry is the father of four children.

He has a son from his second marriage. He and Nancy have three children. The couple welcomed their first child, Matthew Solomon in the year 1996. His wife shared the picture of their son on Instagram, wished him a happy birthday in December 2017. Jerry and Nancy's son, Matthew Solomon Jerry welcome his third and Nancy’s second son, Brian Solomon opened his eyes in April 2005.

As of 2018, he is 13 years old. Kerrigan shared a photo of their second son on her Instagram in the earlier year. Nicole Solomon is the youngest one, born in May 2008. Nicole loves to ballet dance and also performed in the school’s program.

Daughter, Nicole His wife, Kerrigan said that she had six miscarriages while attempting to have their three children. She added, the miscarriages were devasting and a strain od their marriage.


Jerry Solomon began his career as the director of Volvo Grand Prix tennis circuit in 1980.

He served there for five years. Later he joined the position of Senior Vice President working at ProServ; then he went to on becoming a marketing president of ProServ. On that year, he met Nancy for the first time and began working as her manager.

During that time, he helped Nancy to get the various endorsements deal worth $3 million. Thanks to his managerial skills, Nancy could hit real brands, for example, Revlon, Reebok, and Campbell Soup Company. Currently, he is working as the CEO and president of the Stargames LLC.

Besides her work, Jerry is an executive producer. He has worked for various TV shows such as Colors of Winter, Spike, World of Tennis, Dreams on Ice and Nancy Kerrigan’s World of Skating. Solomon also produced some movies like, The Easter Egg Adventure and Great Pair Performers on Ice.

Jerry is an author and has written a book titled, An Insider’s Guide to Managing Sporting Events. Also, he worked as an adjunct professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and the University of New Hampshire.

Net Worth

Throughout his career, he has worked in the different sector over the decades.

Jerry has earned a large amount of money but he as not shared the complete data of his earnings which makes quite hard to predict his net worth. Jerry Solomon is considered as one of the outstanding in sports management business.

He was enlisted into the 'Individual Managers Hall of Fame' and was also enlisted into the 'National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.' He has not disclosed her exact salary and net worth yet. His wife, Nancy has a net worth of $8 million.

Social Media Presence

Jerry is only available on Twitter. He shared pictures as well as his thoughts on his private account. And you also follow his wife on Instagram. Some other information regarding his height and body measurement are missing. We will update once we gather the points of interest. Remain with us!